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A light dosimeter for monitoring cultural heritage:
development, testing and transfer to market

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    Workpackage: 9 Dissemination of results and transfer into conservation practice, ISC


    by: Oliver

    Keepsafe Systems is pleased to announce that LightCheck LCU strips are now available in North America and Australia. Please email Jerry Shiner at:, or visit for more information.


    Workpackage: 9 Dissemination of results and transfer into conservation practice, ISC

    This article has been published in
    ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, Vol.37, Issue 24 (December 11, 2003)

    The photo-induced alterations of light-sensitive artifacts represent one of the main problems that conservators and curators have to face for the environmental control in museums and galleries. Therefore, an increasing attention has been recently devoted to develop strategies of indoor light-monitoring, especially aimed at minimizing the cumulated light exposure for the objects on exhibit. In this work a prototype of a light dosimeter, constituted by a photo-sensitive dyes/polymer mixture applied on a paper substrate, is presented. This indicator, especially designed for a preventive assessment of the risk of damage for highly light-sensitive objects, undergoes a progressive color variation as its exposure to the light increases. Different, easily distinguishable color-steps are exhibited depending on the light-dose received, so that the dosimeter can be straightforwardly used to have a first, instrumentation-free, estimation of the total light exposure.
    A reflectance spectroscopy study in the 350-860 nm range was carried out on prototype dosimeters exposed to light emitted from a tungsten-halogen lamp, in order to investigate the response of the dosimeter to the light and study the fading mechanism. Two different approaches were evaluated for the calibration of the prototype: colorimetry and principal component analysis of the reflectance spectra. The usefulness of the two methods in providing a quantitative indication of the light-dose received was evaluated.

    To request electronic reprints (PDF format) please contact:, or:


    Workpackage: 9 Dissemination of results and transfer into conservation practice, ISC


    by: Anne-Laurence

    Abstract of the paper entitled:
    "LightCheck, new systems for monitoring lighting conditions in museums", by Anne-Laurence Dupont, Sandra Gerlach, Claudine Loisel, Costanza Cucci, Bertrand Lavédrine, Hannelore Roemich and Mauro Bacci.
    This paper will be presented at "Light and Light Fading: Causes and Effects", Research and Technical Studies session, 32nd American Institute for Conservation (AIC) Annual Meeting, June 9-14, 2004, Portland, Oregon, US.

    RATS AIC Dupont et al.pdf
    RATS programme.pdf

    Workpackage: 12 Project reports

    21.05.2003 00:00:00

    CEEES publication "Accelereted ageing of light dosimeters"

    instant p

    by: Sandra

    This paper was presented at the CEEES meeting in Nuremberg (Germany) 15 May 2003.


    Workpackage: 2 Research on glass-based dosimeters, ISC

    22.08.2002 00:00:00

    Artificial light ageing in light chambers

    by: Sandra


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